Monday, April 30, 2012

Quest for the Magical Crystal Pad (Part 1)

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Peajaye who wanted to own the magical Crystal Pad, which was said to be able to perform great and wondrous tasks. So Peajaye went down to the nearest Apple Tree, after calling to make sure they had some in stock, because the road to the nearest Apple Tree was an arduous and treacherous one. And parking was a hassle as well.

After arriving at the Apple Tree in the Dale of Glen, and waiting many many minutes for an available enslaved helper-elf (many of whom clearly had nasty curses put upon their heads, for so many of them were clearly deprived of their wits), Peajaye discovered that they did not, in fact, have any of the magical Crystal Pads in stock.

"But do not despair!" cried one friendly but dull elf. "For there are Crystal Pads available in the next valley over, in the Pass of Dena. I will call yonder and confirm."

This raised Peajaye's spirits. However, after another 20 or so minutes, the friendly but dull elf still had no answer. But then, good fortune raised its brow! The elf reported back, "Yes, in fact they DO have Crystal Pads in stock!"

Peajaye replied, "Oh, joy! And you put a hold on one for me so that I do not travel to yet another destination in vain!"

"Oh, no," cried the elf. "We couldn't possibly do that! You must travel asunder and seek for yourself."

Alas, how could Peajaye possibly trust anything these creatures told him?

Fortunately, Peajaye would be traveling into the magical Desert of Palms & Springs the following day, so he thought he would try his luck there.

[to be continued...]