Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I’m Fresh, You’re Easy, or Maybe It’s The Other Way Around

Dear Nicole,

So here’s the thing about my blog. No one really reads it. Including me.

I mean, every so often I feel the need to vent my spleen, so I’ll just post something and then forget about it. And that’s what I did with my last post, which was about a run-in at Fresh & Easy.

I hadn’t posted in a while because I’ve been having Toe Trouble again – I keep banging my feet in all types of way, breaking toes and bruising ankles, etc. It’s like my feet are getting Alzheimer’s, so you can see how I’ve been distracted – thanks for asking. Also, all those B-movies on Showtime don’t just watch themselves. So I’ve been Very Busy.

Anywho, so imagine my surprise when I logged onto my blog last night and saw your lovely comment, Nicole.  From like 3 weeks ago. My first thought was, A Comment? From Fresh & Easy? How did that happen? Is this some sort of Homeland Security sting?

I mean, look, I know I should post more often and check the email associated with the blog, and Lord knows I have the time to do it these day. But I just don’t. (see above)

And actually, the day after I posted my Fresh & Easy rant, I went back into F&E – and that same woman was there. Again, there was a problem with checking out, and she was super-nice and even apologized for the day before, and oddly, her accent was now Mid-Western, not Mexican – so I think that may say something about something. I mean, maybe I imagined it, or maybe when she gets upset, her childhood accent becomes more pronounced, like Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy. I don’t know. Whatever.

The point is that whenever we’re in the desert, my partner and I shop at Fresh & Easy about once a day. So when you factor in the frequency of our visits with my Personality Type, the amount of run-ins in really quite low.

But since you asked, Nicole, (even though you really didn't), why not change your system to where one electronic swipe of the F&E barcode gives your customers their points AND their discount? Wouldn’t that be fresher and easier than having to lug around a plastic card and having to swipe it in two different places?

The downside to that, of course, is that I would have to find something else to whine about. And right now, I’m trying to focus on my broken toes.

But thanks for leaving a comment!

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